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Kušić, Katarina – Záhora, Jakub (eds.): Fieldwork as Failure: Living and Knowing in the Field of International Relations


This volume aims to unsettle the silence that surrounds fieldwork failure in both methods training and academic publications. While fieldwork has gradually evolved into standard practice in IR research, the question of possible failures in field-based knowledge production remains conspicuously absent from both graduate training and writing in IR. This volume fills that lacuna by engaging with fieldwork as a site of knowledge production and inevitable failure. It develops methodological discussions in IR in two novel ways. First, it engages failure through experience-near and practice-based perspectives, with authors speaking from their experiences. And secondly, it delves into the politics of methods in IR and the discipline more generally to probe ways in which the realities of research condition scholarly claims.

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Author Biography

Martina Varkočková

Martina Varkočková is an Assistant Professor at the Metropolitan University Prague. She currently works as a Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Central European Journal of International and Security Studies.