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The EU-China Strategic Partnership: Opportunity, Reality, and Euphemism


Relationship between European Union and The People's Republic of China
declared in 2003 as the "strategic partnership" attracts attention as a new
and remarkable phenomenon within post-bipolar international framework.
This article reviews essentials and motives of both partners' mutual and
deepening relations by pointing at their growing economic
interdependence, upgrading political relations, and further developing their
cultural, science and technology, academic, environmental etc. cooperation.
However, while critically analysing EU-China basic agenda of the strategic
partnership and its real outcomes, this article points at poor Chinese
human rights record, persistence of EU arms embargo, mutual trade
disputes, Chinese failure at obtaining the EU's Market Economy Status, as
well as insufficient intellectual property and trade mark protection in China.
This study concludes with finding an attaining the real EU-China strategic
partnership questionable, considering that as a mere term of official-level
politeness, lacking behind expectations and potential.


European Union, People's Republic of China, strategic partnership, trade, investment, technology, human rights, arms embargo, intellectual property protection

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