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Russia – Central Asia Relations in the Gas Industry: The Implications for the Energy Security of Europe


The discussion of the energy security of Europe is focused mainly on Russia.
However, Russia - Central Asia energy relations became very important in
Eurasia after the dissolution of the USSR. While its reserves of strategic raw
materials (especially gas) are not comparable with those in Russia, Central
Asia could be an additional source for supplying these raw materials to
Europe. Europe should be involved in "The Great Game" for Central Asian
gas.The significance of Central Asia regarding the increasing demand for
gas in Europe cannot be overestimated. On the other hand, due to the
growing interest of China and other Asian powers in Central Asia,
maintaining a local gas pipeline network which would move gas in the
direction of Europe (rather than in the direction of other Asian countries)
should be a priority for both European countries and Russia. The rivalry
between Russian and non-Russian pipeline projects for delivering gas is
secondary in this context.


Russia, Central Asia, gas, International Relations, energy security, EU

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