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Miniatura arabského jara: Revoluce, kontrarevoluce a sektářství v Bahrajnu


Mitchell Belfer: Smal State, Dangerous Region: A Strategic Assessment of Bahrain. 1. vydání. Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 2014, 412 stran, ISBN 978-363-164-639-7.

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PDF Review Essay (Czech)

Author Biography

Karel Černý

Karel Černý, born in 1980, is a sociologist from the Faculty of Humanities at Charles
University in Prague. In his research, he focuses on historical sociology,
theories of social conflict, revolutions, and social change. His research
interests are the contemporary Middle East and migration, and the
integration of people from predominantly Muslim societies in the West,
including the United States and the Czech Republic, in comparative
perspectives. He was a Fulbright fellow at the University of California in
Santa Barbara (2012–2013) and was responsible for a research grant
awarded by the Czech Science Foundation for a project focusing on Arab
revolutions (2013–2015). His recent monographs include Yazidis: A
Community on the Run (2017) and Instability in the Middle East (2017).