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Alynna J. Lyon, Christine A. Gustafson and Paul Christopher Manuel: Pope Francis as a Global Actor: Where Politics and Theology Meet.


Pope Francis confuses many observers because his papacy does not fit
neatly into any pre-established classificatory schemes. To gain a deeper
appreciation of Francis’s complicated papacy, this volume proposes that an
interdisciplinary approach, fusing concepts derived from moral theology
and the social sciences, may properly situate Pope Francis as a global
political entrepreneur. The chapters in this volume ask what di!erence it
makes that he is the first pope from Latin America, how and why di!erent
countries in the world respond to him, how his understanding of scripture
informs his ideas on economic, social, and environmental policy, and where
politics meets theology under Francis. In the end, this volume seeks to
provide a more robust understanding of the enigmatic papacy of Francis.

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Author Biography

Lenka Stoláriková

Lenka Stoláriková is an MA student of Area Studies and a Research Assistant
within the Department of European Studies at Charles University. In her
research, she focuses mostly on the concept of Anglosphere and other
forms of British imperial nostalgia.