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Relations of Visegrad Four Countries with China


The aim of the study is to analyze how do Visegrad countries practise their
interests in their relations with China. Moreover, the study tries to present
perspectives of Chinese – Central European relations. The author supposes
that membership of V4 countries in the European Union will bring about
important changes in their relations with China. The reason is the
increasing cooperation between China and EU.V4 countries have been
rather unsuccessful in their relations with China. The reasons are the
following: weak definition of interests and means of their realization, frail
analysis and coordination of measurements, avoiding of the question of
human rights due to the fear of damaging trade, and moreover small
cooperation of V4 countries both in political and economic areas. Politically,
cooperation has not been possible because of the different attitude to
China (obliging vs. sometimes critical). In the economic area, only one
common project has been initiated thus far. For the countries of Poland,
Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, EU membership is a chance to
improve their performance in relations with China. As part of European
Union they can act strongly. Furthermore, they can join European
development aid programs and train experts on China. Third chance for V4
countries is improvement of V4 countries’ image in China thanks to the
rather high status of Western European countries and the EU in China.


China, Visegrad four, international relations, trade, politics, European Union

PDF Research Article (Slovak)