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The transformation of the Yugoslav People's Army into the Serbian Army


Although there is as yet no coverage of this subject in the articles and books
dealing with the fragmentation of former Yugoslavia, the transformation of
the Yugoslav People's Army (JNA) into an army protecting Serbian interests
is perceived as commonplace. This article examines the causes behind and
the course of this issue. The transformation of the JNA was not continuous,
but was a consequence of several factors, including back-room politics, the
army generals' conservatism towards the political changes in Yugoslavia,
the anti-army, anti-Yugoslav and anti-Communist sentiments in Slovenia
and Croatia, and the ethnic constitution of the JNA. To examine the
behaviour of Yugoslav People Army during the brake-up of the Yugoslav
state, the author focuses on both ideological and socio-economic factors
and the political evolution in the 1980's and early 1990's.


Yugoslavia, the Yugoslav People Army (JNA), conflict in the former Yugoslavia, Communist Systems

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