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Post-democracy in the EU: Security vs. Civil Liberties?


At the very beginning of the 21st century Europe needs to address terrorist
threats to a larger extent more than ever before. Both the EU member
states and the EU institutions are adopting a whole range of measures to
prevent and to fight terrorism. Nevertheless, some of these measures can
endanger human rights and freedoms. Paradoxically, efforts to enhance
security of state could therefore decrease the security of individuals. I This
article uses the concept of securitizsation to analyzse this process. The text
tries, and attempts to answer the question as to what extent the
securitiszation of terrorism is takinges place inside the EU nowadays. This is
done by the analysings of some counter-terrorist measures and of their
perception by the general public. In an extreme case, an intensive
securitiszation could change transform current liberal democracies into


Terrorism, post-democracy, home internal security, individual security, the Copenhagen school, securitization, political discourse, France, Italy, Great Britain, European Union

PDF Research Article (Czech)