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Lucy Delap: Feminisms: A Global History


Feminism’s origins have often been framed around a limited cast of mostly
white and educated foremothers, but the truth is that feminism has been
and continues to be a global movement. For centuries, women from all
walks of life have been mobilizing for gender justice. As the last decade
has reminded even the most powerful women, there is nothing “post-feminist” about our world. And there is much to be learned from the
passion and protests of the past.

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Author Biography

Kristina Šůsová

Kristina Šůsová is a student of Social Sciences and Middle Eastern Studies at
Science Po Paris. She is currently co-operating with the Institute of
International Relations Prague as a Research Assistant. Her research
interests include the areas of European foreign policy, regional politics in
the Middle East, and feminist foreign policy. In the past, she conducted a
research about women in the public space in Cairo, Egypt under the
organisation Babel Initiative.