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Public Diplomacy of Small States and the Reality of the Czech Republic


The article aims to introduce the model of public diplomacy in the
conception of small states, highlighting the key features which fulfill the
idea of public diplomacy promoted by these small states. The article looks
into how these characteristics are reflected in public diplomacy strategies.
The author examines which concrete components of these strategies have
direct connection to the public diplomacy model of small states, how
strongly these differences are evident in plans for strategies and how
deeply these differences can influence the final form of the strategies. In its
last part the article also touches on the practice of public diplomacy in the
Czech Republic through discussions of key documents, tools used in public
diplomacy and the development of institutions. The author tries to reach a
conclusion as to whether and how deeply the contemporary practice in the
Czech Republic corresponds to the public diplomacy model of small states.


Public diplomacy, strategy, small states, foreign policy, Czech Republic

PDF Research Article (Czech)