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Maéva Clément and Eric Sangar (Eds): Researching Emotions in International Relations


This edited volume is the first to discuss the methodological implications of
the ‘emotional turn’ in International Relations. While emotions have become
of increasing interest to IR theory, methodological challenges have yet to
receive proper attention. Acknowledging the plurality of ontological
positions, concepts and theories about the role of emotions in world
politics, this volume presents and discusses various ways to research
emotions empirically. Based on concrete research projects, the chapters
demonstrate how social-scientific and humanitiesoriented methodological
approaches can be successfully adapted to the study of emotions in IR. The
volume covers a diverse set of both well-established and innovative
methods, including discourse analysis, ethnography, narrative, and visual
analysis. Through a hands-on approach, each chapter sheds light on
practical challenges and opportunities, as well as lessons learnt for future
research. The volume is an invaluable resource for advanced graduate and
postgraduate students as well as scholars interested in developing their
own empirical research on the role of emotions.

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Author Biography

Martin Petlach

Martin Petlach is Research Fellow at Mendel University in Brno, Czech
Republic. He previously read Political Science, International Relations and
European Studies at Palacky University. He has also stayed and studied, for
instance, in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, and Malaysia. The
research areas he specialises in are of three sorts since his academic work
focusses on neuropolitics and the corresponding neuroethical issues,
diplomatic studies, and comparative politics with an accent on Malaysia and
the Far East. His pioneering book on elections and democracy in Malaysia
was issued in 2019.