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African Micro-Regionalism: Development Corridors and Spatial Development Initiatives in Southern Africa


This paper is focused on the sub-regional level of integration in the region
of Southern Africa. It aims to sketch the formation and operation of the
most important development corridors (DC), spatial development initiatives
(SDI) and industrial development zones (IDZ). From a theoretical point of
view, this article is based on the concept of the new regionalism approach
(NRA), especially with its emphasis on non-state actors (such as civic society,
private enterprises, and financial corporations) in the process of
integration. The hypothesis of the text is the following: sub-regional
integration is currently the most dynamically developing form of
integration. Judging by the way it exists and works, it has the best potential
to contribute to African economic development. The paper summarizes the
most important cases of sub-regional intergration projects, describes their
specificities and main characteristics, and points out some weak and strong
features of this kind of integration.


Africa, integration, regionalisation, development corridors, spatial development initiatives, Southern Africa, new regionalism approach, sub-regional integration

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