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Security Governance: A Change in the Security Policy of the USA after 9/11


The key argument of the presented text is the idea that the reform of the
US security policy that started after 9/11; the US participation on counter-insurgency, stabilization and nation-building operations in Iraq and
Afghanistan; and the big pressure on the domestic security structure led to
a reorganization of the US security policy and a transformation of the
domestic governance structures and practices according to the model of
security governance. In an effort to defend the US against possible future
terrorist attacks and formulate the robust counter-insurgency operation in
Iraq and Afghanistan, the US Government started to create a new model of
security policy organization and integrate diplomacy, development and
defense instruments. While security policy used to have a clear chain of
command, security governance is marked by a non-linear, horizontal, and
networked policy coordination.


security governance, security policy, the USA, Afghanistan, Iraq, stabilization and reconstruction

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