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Jan Hodač, Lubor Lacina, Petr Strejček: Evropské křižovatky


Jan Hodač, Lubor Lacina, Petr Strejček: Evropské křižovatky. 2. vydání. Brno: Barrister & Principal, 2014, 184 stran, ISBN 978-80-7485-018-9.

PDF Book Review (Czech)

Author Biography

Michal Petrůj

Born in 1982, he received his master’s and doctoral degrees in Finance at
the Institute of Finance of the Faculty of Economics at Mendel University in
Brno. He currently works as a lecturer (assistant professor) at the
Department of Regional Development and Public Administration of the
Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies at the same
university. He also completed an internship in the nonprofit sector. At
present, in his research, he focuses on the issues of economic impacts of
state interventions in the economic system and on identifying strengths
and problematic areas in models of public administration.