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The Energy Policy Cooperation Between China and the European Union


This article deals with crucial political aspects of the cooperation between
the EU and China in the field of energy, focusing not only on the
institutionalized forms of cooperation, but also on the larger context of the
Sino-European energy cooperation, including the issues of climate change,
China’s internal political dynamics and the PRC’s investments in the EU. For
China, the EU member states are not sources of energy resources
themselves, but they possess important and valuable technologies and
know-how; they also present business opportunities for Chinese energy
enterprises. There is no automatic convergence of interests between these
the two political entities; however, energy presents a potentially fruitful area
of cooperation for both the EU and China, including in terms of fighting
climate change and building a low-carbon economy, and this is even more
so the case with the Trump administration in charge in the U.S.


China, EU, energy policy, climate change, Chinese investments

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Author Biography

Stanislav Myšička

Stanislav Myšička, born in 1983, is an assistant professor at the Department of Political
Science of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Hradec Králové. His
research interests include modern Chinese history, Chinese foreign policy,
international relations in Asia and history of political thought. He is the
author of John Rawls and Theory of International Justice (Brno, CDK 2014).