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Jan Hornát – Lucie Kýrová ed.: America First: Příčiny a kontext volebního vítězství Donalda Trumpa


A non-traditional candidate, an unprecedented president? Why did
Americans elect such a controversial figure as the head of their country?
What were the causes and context for electing Donald Trump as the
American president and which strategies and topics gained him voter
support? This book aims to describe and analyze the steps Donald Trump
took to exploit the fissures in the socio-economic and cultural cohesion of
Americans in order to win the elections. The deeper, contextual
understanding and the chessboard of the 2016 election background
presented in this book make it easier for the Czech readership to
understand Trump’s steps more deeply than as flashed through his media

PDF Book Review (Czech)

Author Biography

Michal Himmer

Michal Himmer completed his masterʼs studies in Law and International
Relations at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. He is currently
pursuing a PhD degree in International Relations at the same university. His
academic interests consist of conf lict resolution, foreign policy motivation,
and the PRC in international affairs